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Kids Are Heroes Day
Kids Are Heroes® is a non-profit that empowers, encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteerism and community involvement. They do this by showcasing and supporting children who are making a difference through their selfless acts of giving.

Kids are indeed heroes and 
each one has the power to change the world.

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Kids are Heroes Day was held at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Maryland on September 14. It was an amazing day!!! There were almost 40 heroes there and each one set up a display of what they did to make a difference. Some of the kids spoke about their work and it was awesome to hear about their charities. I got to speak about Regan's Rescue. The pictures below are of some of the speeches and the Awards Ceremony.
One of the best parts of the day was having Rachel Zevita and her band sing for us!! She was on American Idol and she ROCKS! She gave all us kids her new CD, The Echo Sessions and took pictures with us. She is such a nice person and asked all the kids about their charity. She even hung around for the Award Ceremony.
That night Gabe O'Neil and his family hosted a reception at The Holiday Inn FSK for all the Heroes and their families!! We had a great time!! There was a D.J, a cartoonist and a Photo Booth!! Rachel Zevita and her band were there too. I had the best time dressing them up for the Photo Booth and running around with them.They are so much FUN!!
Here is a slideshow of the entire day!!
A BIG THANK YOU to Gabe O'Neal and family, especially to Mary Margaret, the girl who started Kids Are Heroes!!
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